Movie Max aims to improve reading manga experience, powers by a Max-Engine underneath. Max-Engine was built to improve the ability to access manga page, make it more smoothly and faster.

Everything appear on screen has meaning.

• Power of Minimal design

The less screens flow, the faster surferring. Movie Max use dual side menu to let user access everything with less actions

• Rich Environment

Movie Max supports wide range of customize settings in Right menu. Each of them has powerful spell.

From Settings, user could change the way to use the app by manage how navigation works.

Movie Max provide many kind of information, all baked into a single screen, that help user find what they need in a second

• Super Large Collections

Everything is free, unlimited. You are openly to access them all. No paywall, just it. So Sweat!

• Daily Update

By MAX-Engine, the app itself could update the manga really fast. Every thing you love will be there immediately without delay.

• Dyanmic theme

With iOS 13+ you can enjoy the app with both day & night theme.

• Triple type of Navigation

• Basic transition

Just like the old time, push and pop screen away as ios normally does. This kind is simple but get the job done

• Smart transition

A hold new level of navigation. This way empower ios 13 style but also support lower version. Smart transition bring many benifet, it help you trace back what you read in a second. If you are wanderer, this kind is built for you

• Hybrid transition

Combine both above transitions, bring both benifet to the app. Really good to try

Movie Max will add more features soon. Keep in mind that we build UI to cast a magic spell to reading experience, not just UI.

Contact us if you need any support or idea for the app.

Contact Information


Phone number: +023777892